GIOVANNI BOGGERO – ALESSIA FUSCO, Vent’anni senza Piemontellum: tra inerzia del legislatore e contenzioso elettorale

This paper aims to analyse the current “state of the art” of the electoral legislation for the Piedmont Region. Almost twenty years after the reform of the Title V of the Italian Constitution, in fact, Piedmont is one of the four Italian Regions that still have not enacted an own electoral law. In the light of this, specific consideration will be devoted to – primarily – State electoral legislation applying to Piedmont, also as to its compatibility with the Italian Constitution. At the same time, the ceaseless electoral litigation which has been dragging on in the Region since 2010 will be expounded so as to highlight the alarming situation of the Piedmontese democracy. In the end, some brief considerations will be drawn on a few recent proposals for a new regional electoral law (Piemontellum).

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GABRIELE MAESTRI, Elezioni regionali e democrazia paritaria: una trama in tre atti (con prologo)

This contribution aims to analyze the rules about parity democracy in Regional statutes and electoral laws (including the transitional State discipline), with instruments as gender electoral quotas and double gender preference: they will be dealt with paying attention to the evolution of the juridical and political context. This can appear as a three-act play (with a prologue): its plot is rich of turns of events, its structure is marked by some decisions of the Italian Constitutional Court.

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