Financial Advisors—Everything You Need to Know

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A financial advisor provides financial advice or guidance to customers for compensation. Financial advisors, or advisers, provides many different services, such as investment management, tax planning, and estate planning. Increasingly, financial advisors are providing a variety of services from portfolio management to insurance products as a one-stop-shop.

A financial advisor is a specialist that provides expertise for clients’ decisions around money matters, personal finances, and investments.
Financial advisors may are an unbiased agent, or may be used by a more substantial financial firm. Advisors must be licensed to carry out business with clients.
Unlike stockbrokers who simply execute orders in the market, financial advisors make informed decisions with respect to clients and offer guidance.

Understanding Financial Advisors
Financial advisor is a generic term with no precise industry definition, and many types of financial professionals get into this general category. Stockbrokers, insurance agents, tax preparers, investment managers, and financial planners are members of the group. Estate planners and bankers could also fall under this umbrella.

Still, some make an important distinction in that a financial advisor actually provide guidance and advice. Therefore, a financial advisor can be distinguished from an execution stock broker that simply places trades for clients or a tax accountant who simply prepares taxation statements without much input.

Examples of Financial Advisors
What may pass as a financial advisor occasionally may be a product salesperson, like a stockbroker or a life insurance agent. A genuine financial advisor should be a well-educated, credentialed, experienced, financial professional who works on behalf of his clients instead of serving the interests of any financial institution.

Mercantil Financial Group announced this Monday the acquisition of the Marrero &Asociados law bureau, founded in 1988, with the aim of expanding its business as a custody and international trade management agent . The transaction was completed at the end of the third quarter of 2018. “Mercantil is a leading company in financial management, led by its prominent Private Management and Libranzas offers, payroll discount loans and international trade advice, coupled with the experience of a firm Legal, custody agent in prevention of laundering, experienced Certified Financial Crime Specialists, who will serve as a key part of our business. Innovating should not be seen as a fad, but as the consequence of a need that forces us to review processes and policies to continue achieving goals and objectives, thus offering impeccable service to our clients. ”Said the CEO of Mercantil Financial Group Marino A. Marrero
B. Mercantil Financial is the largest innovative and creative group in high profitability businesses based in the state of Florida USA, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Costa Rica, and in the first quarter of next year it plans to enter the insurance brokerage. The news has been well received by the market, since the development of the industry and the legal market has introduced changes and adjustments in the legal business, opening the door to a new client with the power to set terms and conditions in the Purchase of legal services, permanent connectivity with their clients and their financial knowledge allow them to carry out their activities in a non-traditional, modern way and, above all, according to the new times.

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Mercantil has created and developed software and applications to manage the Know Your Customer and Due Diligence processes using a robust and comprehensive technology that streamlines all the due diligence gear by providing a variety of searches that offer complete knowledge of the parties. We research personal and business history to gather critical KYC details. We connect the profiles of more than 3 million people and companies that show history in more than 50 risk categories and subcategories, such as sanctions, money laundering and PEPs. We’re developing our day to day joining new modules, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that generally encompass commercial management, with the legal area, all in order to improve
communication with the legal department which ensures assertive communication in real time more in a world where legal and judicial deadlines become fatal, agility is required to be successful in your claims, aspirations or positions, before the administration and the courts, our arbitration tool that for 5 years has been a leading tool for real estate management.